Friday, December 2, 2011

Welcome To Our Yearly Family Recap

It's been said a picture is worth a thousand words.  With that in mind, we are "going digital" and replacing our yearly letter with the pictures and short captions below.  More visuals, less paper, and fewer words to sift through!  Scenes are layed out as they unfolded throughout the year.  Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year to you and your family!

Karl, Dot, Jonny, and Joey

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We started the year with a quick escape to St George, UT for MLK weekend

A Caribbean vacation replaced our usual Mexican beach vacation in Feb.
Joey "monkeying" around- Note the short hair- likely the last we'll see of it ;(
Jonny holding his own during the all day adult beach volleyball games
Spring break started out with Karl and the boys accompanied by the Milford twins camping in the West Desert for a few days.

The rest of the group joined up down in Southern Utah (Zions NP and St George) later in the spring break week. Aunt Jessy stayed with us for over a month to do a Physical Therapy rotation at the hospital Karl works at. Bonus!
Winter activity- The "Mad artist"
Piano- A favorite for both boys- NOT!

Spring Soccer with Joey playing, Jonny ref'ing and Dot coaching- All in one picture!

5 years of work- Black Belt

Experimenting with track

A good try, but not their favorite

Jonny loved Beach volleyball so much on the cruise we decided to make a court in the back yard. What a summer of fun!
Cabin escape with friends. Suzu (left) our Japanese exchange student was a neat experience.

Suzu and the boys on a bike and hike trip near home.
Weapons training at the cabin

Mountain Lake fishing

Aunt Sarah comes for a visit with Lori and Grandpa Verlyn

Lori and Grandpa Verlyn "chilaxing" at the cabin

Games, Games and more games at the cabin

Vendersteen reunion- Who would have thought they could be so much fun!

It was exhausting fun into the night

Mimi comes for a visit

Back to soccer- Tournament champs!

Cooling off at the Milford's lake

Trying something new

Got it!

Dot, just finished her 100 mile Wonder Women ride. Nice to see her back on two wheels.

Karl, after trying for 8 years, over 40 laps, 600 miles- First is good !

Back to Soccer- Comp league and new position

Chill'in, Relaxing and eating fatty ice cream-Imagine that! Gotta treat the guys for excellent report cards.

Joey-Black Belt- Youngest in class! Yes. He's a little "different" :)

Daddy and Professional volunteer

Thanksgiving in St George- (Seeing a common theme? ;D  St George again

It hasn't been ALL fun and games- new glasses and broken clavicle

School and work are going great for all of us but they are just not places where we take too many pictures!

We hope all is well for you all and are hoping to catch up in your year end reviews.

Merry Christmas!

Karl, Dot, Jonny and Joey
Dragon the cat too..